Jerusalem New City – Day Tour

Jerusalem New City -Day Tour

This tour begins with a visit to the first neighborhoods built outside of the Old City walls where you will be able to see the famous windmill. Later on you will also see the iconic Menora statue and tour the Israel Museum. The day ends with a visit to Machne Yehuda – the most famous open market – where you will truly be able to absorb the Jerusalemite feel, smells, and flavors!
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Suitable for business trips

Kid/family friendly

Tour Plan

  • Pick up from hotel
  • Tour the picturesque neighborhoods of Mishkenot Sha’ananim & Yemin Moshe 
  • Discover the Israel Museum (including the miniature model of ancient Jerusalem, Dead Sea Scrolls & the recently renovated Judaica wing)
  • View of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and the Menorah statue
  • Enjoy the vibe at the Machane Yehuda open market 
  • Lunch at the market 
  • Return to your hotel

Credit: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“A visit to Jerusalem is not complete if you do not hire Assaf as your guide. He was an amazing tour guide. We spent the day exploring modern Jerusalem with him and learned about many other aspects of the city which we couldn’t have known about otherwise. And a huge benefit with touring with Assaf is the fact that he knows all the secrets and best places to eat! I highly recommend touring Israel with him. It was an amazing day! Thank you!”

Joel, Usa 2020

Jerusalem, a city known for its complicated history and present-day conflicts is more than just stories told over in history books and news. Contemporary Jerusalem has a beating pulse. It is a vibrant city made up from the variety of colorful and special people residing within it. Jerusalem has its own feel, buzz, smells – and tastes. 

We set out together on a journey to discover New Jerusalem with a visit to Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the first neighborhood outside of the city walls built at the end of the 19th century. It was populated by Jews seeking to establish better living conditions than the harsh ones within the walls. We will go on to tour the picturesque neighborhood of Yemin Moshe, and learn of the deeds of one of the most iconic Jewish philanthropists – Moshe Montefiore. We will stop by the Knesset, Israel’s parliament where we will discuss the political and other challenges Israel faced over time, as well as see the Knesset’s iconic menorah statue. We will then visit the Israel Museum, with its huge model of the city during the 2nd Temple period, and the Dead Sea Scrolls chamber. Depending on your interests, a more extensive tour of the museum is certainly possible – one can wander within it for days and still find more to see and learn! However, if you are getting hungry, perhaps it will be just the right time to head out to the Machne Yehuda open market. We will end this great day by satiating our senses with the colors, sounds, smells, and of course the flavors found at every stand in the market.    

The itinerary is one of many optional itineraries that can be planned as a day tour in the New City. We at Aizen Travel offer highly customized tours, based on a continuous dialogue with our clients. We make it our priority to tailor-suit tours based on preferences, needs, budget, and interests, ensuring your New City experience will be perfect. Changes can also be made on-the-go as your day with the guide unfolds.

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